What is Women’s Health Physiotherapy?

Women’s health physiotherapy is a subspecialty of the physiotherapy profession that is focused on improving certain conditions that commonly occur in women, particularly those involving but not limited to pelvic health. 

Women’s Health Physiotherapists can help you with managing:

  • Pelvic pain – vaginismus, perineal and vulvar pain
  • Chronic pelvic pain related to endometriosis
  • Pain, difficulty or lack of sensation with sex
  • Pelvic organ prolapses and pessary fittings
  • Bladder control, urgency, frequency or leakage
  • Bowel control, leakage or constipation
  • Mastitis
  • Pregnancy and post-natal health
  • Rehabilitation following gynaecological surgery such as hysterectomy or prolapse repair

Junic Physiotherapy for Women

We have women’s health physiotherapy services for our patients at the Junic Specialist Centre in Coombs. Our physiotherapists are AHPRA-registered and Australian-trained practitioners with additional advanced training in women’s health physiotherapy. As primary health practitioners, they are also trained to recognise conditions that may require a medical referral and initiate an appropriate referral.

Do I need a Referral to see JUNIC’s physiotherapists?

No, you do not need a referral to make an appointment to see our physiotherapists.

What happens during my first visit with the physiotherapist?

Your physiotherapist will take a thorough and detailed history from you including information about your symptoms. They will ask how much your symptoms affect your quality of life and what they stop you from being able to do. They will also inquire about any gynaecological, obstetric and surgical events, medications; fluid and caffeine intake, bowel habits and lifestyle factors that may be impacting your symptoms e.g. heavy lifting, excessive squats and lunges at the gym.

Thereafter, your physiotherapist will evaluate you with a physical examination. This is usually done via an external examination and an internal vaginal examination. Based on your symptoms and findings on examination, your physiotherapist will work with you to develop a personalised management plan that works for you. Our JUNIC physiotherapists are kind, gentle, friendly and sensitive individuals and will always make sure that you feel comfortable during your consultation

Are there any Medicare rebates for physiotherapy?

Medicare rebates are available at JUNIC physiotherapy if you are eligible for Chronic Disease Management (CDM) assistance. If you have been diagnosed with a chronic medical condition and require complex care, your GP can provide you with a special referral form. Physiotherapy treatment rebates are also available through most private health insurance funds. Ask your fund if and how much they will cover.

How can I make an appointment with one of the JUNIC physiotherapists?

To arrange an appointment with our physiotherapists at JUNIC Physiotherapy for women, Please call:
02 6178 0470 for an appointment or email us at info@junicimaging.com.au