Laparoscopic workshop – Hands On Dry Lab Format



Training in laparoscopy remains a challenge in the gynaecologic environment. Due to increasing time constraints, cost, stress and ethicolegal considerations, the modern operating room is no longer an ideal learning environment. Indeed, laparoscopic surgical training is poorly suited to the historic mentor/trainee model of ‘see one, assist one and do one’ (Stolzenburg et al, 2007). It appears more suited to a paradigm of ‘simulating as many as it takes to be credentialed before doing as many as is necessary to be competent’ (Abbott, 2015). As such, it is recommended that gynaecologist in training should learn conventional laparoscopic techniques and procedures in a simulated environment prior to transferring their gained experience into daily practice and live laparoscopic procedures.

Our hands on dry lab laparoscopic workshop therefore aims to provide gynaecology trainees and residents, fellows and practising physicians an opportunity to learn and/or update their fundamentals of laparoscopic surgery in a consistent, scientifically accepted format.


Our hands on dry lab laparoscopic workshop utilises a curriculum with cognitive, psycho motor and procedural components. The course combines didactic lectures with an activity based curriculum that focuses on the fundamentals of basic and advanced laparoscopic surgical skills.

Course activities will focus on eye hand coordination, two handed manoeuvres, surgeon / assistant coordinated manoeuvres and proficiencies in suturing and knotting techniques. The course uses the physical stimulator box trainers with laparoscopic instruments similar to those used in live laparoscopy and also expose participants to the different types of laparoscopic equipment.

The workshop is fully interactive and involves 2 streams

  • A basic laparoscopic module
  • An advanced laparoscopic module


  • Aspiring OBGYN trainees and Residents
  • Junior and Senior Gynaecology trainees
  • Senior Registrars and Fellows
  • General practitioners involved in private surgery assisting



RANZCOG 18 CPD awarded



To register for our August 11th and 12th, 2018 workshop