JUNIC Specialist Imaging and Women’s Centre offers routine and high-risk antenatal care services. These antenatal care services are provided by Dr Uche A.  Menakaya, an Australian trained Obstetrician, Gynaecologist & Sonologist.

 Dr Uche A Menakaya is a compassionate obstetrician who is passionate about empowering women to make the best possible decisions for their pregnancy and birth by providing them with the highest quality evidence based information regarding their care.

Dr Menakaya is the author of the largest series on water birth in Australia. He also has a special interest in streamlining the management of breech pregnancies at term . He has worked as an obstetrician in both rural and urban Australia.



Each antenatal appointment visit with Dr Uche A Menakaya is structured towards achieving a particular goal. For example, visits prior to 10 weeks gestation are used to determine the location of pregnancy and confirm its viability.  Once the viability of the pregnancy is confirmed, specific steps towards achieving a healthy and satisfying pregnancy are discussed with the expectant couple.



All women who attend antenatal care with Dr Uche A Menakaya at JUNIC Specialist Center deliver at the Calvary public hospital.

Women who choose to proceed with delivery at Calvary Public Hospital have a choice of delivering either as public or private patients.



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