Our fees

Our vision is to provide the highest quality and most cost-effective women’s health services through our unique single visit model of care for outpatient gynaecological services. This model of care ensures that women spend less time attending multiple appointments with their specialist and have more time available for family and loved ones.

Please be advised there are two components to the fee structure at JUNIC. These components include;

  1. Specialist Consultation fee:

The specialist consultation fee ranges from $200 – $450.00 for initial appointments (Medicare item number 104), and $170 – $350.00 for follow up reviews, post-operative appointments (Medicare item number 105). Accounts are to be paid in full at the completion of your appointment. A receipt is then issued, which can be claimed through Medicare (Medicare item numbers 104 or 105).

  1. Outpatient Clinical Procedure fees (e.g Endometriosis scan, colposcopy, infertility assessments etc.)

If medically indicated during your consultation and with your consent, any outpatient clinical procedures required will be bulk-billed directly to Medicare and is not rebateable. Multiple services rules may apply for Medicare rebateable items.

Please ask our friendly staff if you require further clarification or wish to discuss this further.