How is diVa procedure performed?


Following an initial clinical evaluation and with an informed consent, diVa laser energy is delivered circumferentially along the length of the vaginal canal through the diVa handpiece and a single use vaginal dilator.

The procedure is comfortable with a typical treatment time of 5mins. A topical anesthetic is usually applied for added comfort.


What is the experience during diVa treatment?

Women may experience slight pressure against the vaginal wall during the treatment, and some women experience increased sensitivity near the vaginal opening.

Others could experience pinpoint bleeding which usually subsides in a few minutes to a few hours.


How many diVa treatments are recommended?

Current evidence suggests that a series of 3 treatments, 4 to 6   weeks apart is recommended to achieve a maximal therapeutic effect. This is followed by annual check-ups for maintenance if required.


What happens after the diVa procedure?

Women may return to their daily routine with minimal to no discharge, spotting, or discomfort; however, they should avoid sexual intercourse or any vaginal insertions for up to 48 hours.